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PF1262 Series

TO-126 Power Film Resistors


  • TO-126 Housing
  • Resistances from 0.01 to 51K Ohms
  • Power Rating to 20 Watts
  • Resistance Tolerances to ±1%
  • TCR to ±50ppm/K
  • Low Inductance (<50nH)
  • Isolated Back Plate
Data chart

Type Power Rating Thermal Resistance Resistance Range3 Tolerances Temperature Coefficients
Heatsink1 Free Air2 Min Max
PF1262 20W 1W 5.9°C/W 0.01Ω 51KΩ ±1% (R≥0.1Ω), ±5% ±50ppm/°C (R ≥ 10Ω)
±100ppm/°C (0.1Ω ≤ R < 10Ω)
±250ppm/°C (R < 0.1Ω)

1) Power rating based on 25°C Flange Temperature
2) Power rating based on 25°C Ambient Temperature
3) Consult Factor for Higher or Lower Values
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