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Over the years, Milton Ross Composants has developed a close relationship with trustworthy manufacturers, all chosen for their reliability, their quality and their reactivity.

SRT-Microcéramique is a French Manufacturer of MLCCs.
They specialize in high power, high intensity and high voltage capacitors
and have equivalent designs to most competitors.
They are able to answer special designs and are extremely reactive :
From 4 to 6 weeks lead time.
They also offer a range of services : tinning, burn-in, life tests, tape-in and more.


Leclanché Capacitors specializes in Film capacitors and can offer
different types of attachement styles as to cover every needs.

FTCAP specializes in electrolytic capacitors, and offers their parners reliable 
components for high capacitance needs.


Riedon is an American manufacturer of resistors and shunts.
Those competitive products will fit in diverse sectors : 
Aeronautics, medical, industry etc.


SRT-Resistor is a German manufacturer of resistors, expert in high value, high voltage 
and Thick Film capacitors.

American manufacturer, Boyd Corporation offers different products linked to 
heat management : heat pipes, films, pads, heatsinks and more.

German company KUNZE (AAVID) was funded in 1985 and is specialized in the 
thermo-conductors materials destined to power electronics. Their range is wide 
and goes from thermo-conductor acrylic, carbon, aluminium to polyamid, but also 
thermo-silicones caps for standards transistors.

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