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Audio & PID pushbuttons
Your R&D Audio accessories


Milton Ross Composants also specializes in the distribution of audio components : magnetic sensors, buzzers, transductors, piezo/buzzer, mechanical buzzers, microphones, ultrasound sensors and more.

Our references are ISO9002 and QS9000 certified, which qualify them as premium partners for your R&D projects.

In addition, and following both RoHS and DEEE, we also offer these components without lead. These references are produced with processes that keep getting more eco-friendly as time goes by. Our manufactures regularly invest in high-end equipments, as to ensure the conformity of the materials.
PID Pushbuttons

When you need to activate or desactivate a part of your circuits in a simple and reliable way, or when you want to trigger specific actions, you can go for PID pushbuttons. Thanks to the quality of their materials, these buttons can be totally waterproof.
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