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If good electronic design dictates whenever it is possible to use standard components with multiple sources, some special needs can be only adressed with a custom developed product, as to allow gain in performance, compacity, reliability.
With our highly flexible production, our offer in standard products covers a wide range of products, always without obsolescence.
In addition to this standard range, designer can work with SRT-Microcéramique engineers to develop any combination of ceramic, voltage, capacity, package, reliability program to fit their exact needs.

The need to produce and maintain some electronic design for tens of years, often collides with the obsolescence policies of the major manufacturers. SRT-Microcéramique can provide strict equivalents to concurrent designs, SMD, Stacks, Dipped, Encapsulated radials, axials... and insure its production overtime with its no obsolescence policy.

For cross references needs or specific designs we can propose any SMD format between 0402 and 80300.
Barcap, 4 corners, discs, arrays... can be proposed

In addition to its wide range of ceramic, type 1, type 2, N2T for power and pulse appplication, SRT-Microcéramique can also offer positive temperature coefficients, high temperature type 1 etc...

Any specific voltage that is not in our standard range can be added (1100V, 1200V etc...) in order to optimize the component design.
Very high voltage design up to 32KV.

Specific capacitance values that are not in the standard ISO range can be proposed.
The codification of the specific P/N is based on the capacitance in picofarad with R as a decimal speration
ex : 45,3pf = 45R3, 8320pf = 8320R0, 12.2nF = 12200R0
Any combination of components and termination, even if not present in our standard catalog can be proposed.
Change of termination on any component, even if not produced by SRT, especially high value BME products is possible : Gold termination, dipped lead, dipped SAC, Silver-Palladium etc...

Any combination of stacks, leaded, dipped, encapsulated in any specific format can be proposed with PME SRT components or qualified BME high capacitance components.

SRT-Microcéramique, proposes on a regular basis, very high precision sorting for some of its customers.
Up to 0.05% in Type 1, on specific value or cells. 

Depending on the reliabilty need of the component, specific qualifications and testing programs can be agreed upon in addition to our standard process.
Burn-In, LAT, RCS etc...
SRT-Microcéramique regulary works with space, medical and defense customers.

Working directly with our engineers and depending on the development difficulty, custom design can be proposed in 8 to 10 weeks.
The first samples could require some tooling and development cost, but  every effort will be made to propose consistent and as competitive as possible price for production volume.
A specific datasheet for the custom product will be provided and the no obsolescence policy will garantee the production over the years.
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